Missouri's beautiful, spring-fed North Fork River and Bryant Creek

Riverside Canoe Rental • 5 Riverside Lane • Caulfield, MO 65626 • 417-284-3043

Hello Floaters,

It is with many conflicting emotions that we must announce the closing of Riverside Canoe Rental. It has been open for almost 40 years, 22 years of which, we have run it. As you may know we've been trying to sell it for years, but since that has not happened, we are going to close it, due to health, sanity and old age.

We have handled some incredible situations, endured major floods, heat and ice, met some very interesting people, and made many friends. We have enjoyed serving all of you and wish you all well as you make new reservations with the other fine outfitters still operating on our North Fork River. Stop by and say Hi if you're so inclined.

Allen is going to garden, repair boats, and drive as a sub, if needed for those other outfitters.

Susan is going to paint, craft, read, and sew. She is rarely going to answer the phone, and will finally get to eat a whole hot meal at suppertime during the summer, (she was usually answering the phone then).

The property is still for sale, 170 acres with 1⁄4 mile of riverfront, but no canoe business.


Susan and Allen Maxey